Friday, 25 February 2011

Burglars and constepation.

I dont sleep very well at the moment, this is due to my little sister making constepated noises and my paranoier that I am bieng burgaled. The most irritating of course is the sister.
Thats the bathroom door.

I asked the sister about it, and it turns out she was talking to herself in the room next door to the bathroom.
I have so many questions.

There is also the matter of burglars.

basically I will not get out of bed at night in case the burglars, who are of course not real here me. this includes trips to the toilet. And this makes quite a bother when you need to go. Because the burglars are watching me and will kill me because I am not in my bedroom.                  

my first post

For the sake of this blog this is me
it doesnt much look like me but it will do. Also all though it looks like some crazed football fan to put things straight I hate football. Actualy i should probally be wearing my hat in this so hear I am in my hat.
But the hat took forever to draw so I shall stick to hair if thats ok.

Because this is my first post on my very own blog i thought i would draw a few pictures for you.